Three over coffee.


Peet’s Coffee was crowded. This morning started off rainy. But the rain has stopped and, even though the temperature won’t get into the sixties today, there’s nothing to stop anyone from marching (walking?) against the war. 1:30 at Union Park, Ashland and Madison. Mike and Susan are doing security, so those two guys who are still for the war better watch their step!

Bush thinks we’re stupid.

An article in this morning’s NY Times says that W is trying to use the California fires to reverse the verdict on his inaction following Katrina.

President Bush long ago accepted responsibility for the federal response to Hurricane Katrina. But now his administration and its allies are using the California disaster, with its affluent victims and reverse 911 telephone-warning system, to revisit Louisiana’s handling of the 2005 hurricane — and, in the process, to rewrite the story of one of the Bush administration’s biggest setbacks.

First of all, the American people won’t forget the images of poor folks on their roofs begging for help and their pleas going unanswered, or the photos of their bloated bodies on the side of the road days after Katrina hit. And, “You’re doin’ a heck of job, Brownie,” is now the stuff of legend.

And even for those who think things went well in California.

Read the NY Times report on what has happened to the immigrant poor as a result of the fires.

“When you were young you fought ‘The Man.’ Now you are ‘The Man.’ Quit it.”

I’ve mentioned before that my district, like most districts, filters way too much of what should be available to teachers and students on the internet. Up until this week you could read Dangerously Irrelevant, a blog which deals with education and the internet in a highly professional way, with no ads, pop-ups or other inappropriate materials. The day after this was posted it was blocked. So if you work in my district and you want to read this, you have to wait until you get home.

Update: Thanks. At least for the time being, Dangerously Irrelevant, has been unblocked.

2 thoughts on “Three over coffee.

  1. Scott,
    Things are so goofy, it is hard to tell. Typepad is still blocked. We requested your site be made available and it was. It was ironic that you were blocked the day after your post on internet fear. But there is no consistency to any of this. Some sites come through for no apparent reason. Others are blocked for no apparent reason. My own site comes in half way. The content comes through, but it is not formatted graphically as it would be otherwise. So it is not blocked for content, just for looks. As an art teacher, this drives me crazy.

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