Andy knows pathology.


Rotherham goes off on NYC Educator for raising questions about KIPP charter school junkets to the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.

There’s so much you could say about KIPP schools (and we have) that have nothing to do with these beach parties management throws for selected staff. But it’s still worth pointing out, as several bloggers did, that the practice is questionable since the source money for these beach parties is not altogether clear given the lack of an audit (even their defenders are no longer claiming they were staff development opportunities as they originally did), that these schools are not private but run with public funds, that the founders claim to have some higher moral purpose than typical public schools, blah, blah, blah.

Andy is calling NYC Educator destructively pathological for raising questions.

I thought teachers wanted to be treated like professionals, says Andy.

This is the definition of what Rotherham considers professional. Certainly not professional compensation. Not professional voice in goals, process and expected outcomes. Not professional time for thinking, planning and collaboration.

But corporate style professional perks like swimming, golfing, boozing and Bahamian vacations. As if public schools were some before-the-dot-com-crash corporate start-ups.

If teachers want to work for KIPP, that’s their choice. But characters like Rotherham raise KIPP as a model to be replicated and to become what schools ought to look like.

That’s the pathology

UPDATE: NYC Educator responds to Andy’s “low-rent swift-boating” here.

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