The Chronicle of Bone Marrow. (Updated)


JD’s bone marrow.

There’s not much going on in the world of education blogging during the holiday break. Not much posting. Not many hits.

Which leads me to the Chronicle of Bone Marrow.

Back story: When we come to spend the holidays with our family in NY we often go out to eat Christmas Eve. One year it was at Mambo Italiano in Bay Ridge, Queens that featured a lounge singer performing That’s Amore! and where the food is served family style.

Another time we went to one of those Japanese Benihana-type places called Airrang. It is also in Bay Ridge. You eat around the grill and the cook flips shrimp at your plate. They serve drinks with umbrellas and big slices of pineapple and a cherry.

This year we were thinking of Ruby Foo’s, a tacky tourist place in Time’s Square.

Instead we went upscale. My daughter had heard that the Beacon in Mid-town was kid-friendly. That would be good for Lucy. And my daughter had heard that the food was pretty good. We went early. We ordered the fixed price menu. It was all good, particularly the wood-fire roasted oysters.

Back to the Chronicle of Bone Marrow.

Yesterday I posted recipes for tzimmes and borscht. Things are slow and I was just goofing. I have used tzimmes and borscht as a posting title. The names of these Eastern European Jewish dishes are a Yiddish idiom. Mixing tzimmes and borscht roughly translates as “mixing apples and oranges.”

The recipe I posted for the cabbage borscht includes bone marrow.

Yesterday JD2718, a NY math teacher and blogger, posted a recipe for his winter soup. It also included bone marrow.

He commented on the almost amazing coincidence: Two ed bloggers posting about bone marrow on the same day. I suggested a Chronicle of Bone Marrow. JD responded that the blog The Spamwise Chronicles also had posted on bone marrow. We were now a thread, a blogging category, a section of a blogroll, if not a movement.

To close the circle, The Spamwise Chronicles’ bone marrow was included in a post describing a dinner they had at the very same Beacon restaurant in Mid-town.

As I said, this is a slow time for ed bloggers.


JD has now produced the Carnivellette of Marrow and we both are included (with one small factual errors (I am a K-5 Art teacher, not a kindergarten teacher) on the Teacher Pot Luck Carnival.

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