Death toll rises.


Simeon Career Academy, Chicago. Not Baghdad.

This past week has seen an explosion of casualties in the city.

Not Baghdad. Although Baghdad too.

I’m talking about Chicago.

After returning home from the hospital Tuesday afternoon, Maria Rodriguez waited for her husband to call with updates of her son’s condition. But when the phone rang, it was someone from her son’s school who wanted to tell her how saddened they were about his death.

No, she told them. Francisco was going to live. It was another boy who was killed Monday night.

“There is so much violence now, it’s difficult for the schools to keep track of who lives and who dies,” Maria Rodriguez said in a telephone interview.

CPS boss Arne Duncan, Mayor Daley and the political leadership appear clueless. In a city that has one of the toughest gun control laws in the country they have nothing new to say. As if there own policies of school closings and the shipping of students across town from one school to another has had no role in the increased violence.

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