Sunday links.

I’m not a fan of internet filtering systems. At all! Simply banning web sites doesn’t teach students anything about safely using the net and it excuses some educators from having to manage web access. However, I do understand that filters are a political reality and that there is some material on the internet that needs to be blocked from student view.


One high school in this area has added that seemingly benign utility to their blacklist because of how one student was using his account. It seems he was posting recommended sites for his friends, some of which the school administration thought were instructionally inappropriate. Including new tools for bypassing the filtering system at the school. So, we blame the technology and ban it instead of acknowledging that this student has a much better idea of just how useful is than his teachers do. Assorted Stuff

In Paris, there’s a landscaped, elevated bikeway more than a mile long, reclaimed from old railroad property. Another one just opened in Manhattan. Now, community organizers around Bucktown and Humboldt Park say there should be one in Chicago too. They envision biking, rollerblading and jogging for three miles without a stop sign. The city of Chicago and some powerful funders are teaming up to help make it happen. WBEZ

On days like this, when we are still searching for peace within ourselves and our neighborhoods, we have to understand how messages from the “leader of the free world”, a term I haven’t used for him ever, really affect that. Every time he calls out peace makers as war mongers, he gives license to those who propagate war to continue doing so. Every time he vaguely mentions helping people in this or any country, it’s really a call to special corporate interests to strip the people of any real help. Every time he so much as grins, most perceptive people feel like they’re being lied to, and yet he fancies himself the judge and jury for people heading any world peace efforts. Jose Vilson

A suburban Houston woman has reclaimed the Guinness world record for time spent riding a stationary bicycle while correcting constructed-response exams. Tammy Tilson’s time isn’t official yet, but a CTB/McGraw-Hill spokesperson confirms that she spent 181 hours, 13 minutes, and 23 seconds over eight days riding a spinning bike at an undisclosed Custom Evaluation Center (CEC) while correcting 3,640 exams. Susan Ohanian

On Thursday, a group of U.S. soldiers spoke before members of Congress about the failings of the Iraq war and the immeasurable toll it has taken on Iraqis and American troops. Afterward, Sgt. Matthis Chiroux announced that he is refusing to serve in Iraq. TruthDig

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