Is it true that Obama has no supporters in the UFT?

Leo Casey went off on me a week ago for “exercising” with EdNotesOnline.

Well get ready Leo, because here I go again.

ENO points out that, unlike everywhere else in the nation, the UFT is unanimous in its support of Clinton. Unanimous.

One of the most remarkable, almost a miracle one might say, undercurrents in this Hillary-Barack battle where the entire Democratic Party has split down the middle, has taken place in the United Federation of Teachers where 200,000 members support Hillary Clinton –unanimously.

In the NEA, we might get to vote on an endorsement at the RA in DC in July. A day late and a dollar short.

Crazy doings in the teacher union movement when it comes to this historic election.

Note to Leo: If you write me another e-mail, you really don’t have to CC my brother. I know he’s my older brother and all. But at this point in my sixty years, he really doesn’t watch over me. Well, maybe a little.

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