I’m no Mrs. Francis and I don’t teach in Ding Dong School.

Ding Dong School’s Mrs. Francis.

Brother Mike at Small Talk has already noted Kevin Carey’s snark attack on Linda Darling-Hammond. The Ed Sector’s Carey’s post is another rave of Teach For America.

But what really gets me is the picture he draws of the professional teacher in contrast to the TFA bunch.

Teachers tend to be a lot like my aunt, who has lived in the same mid-sized southeastern Pennsylvania town for the last 30 years, raising three kids, marrying twice, and generally living a prosaic American life while making a career as a middle school math teacher. She’s never been paid very much, but she takes a lot of pride in her work and enjoys respect in her community.

Uh, Kevin. Here’s the news: This ain’t 1954. There are more than three networks. Phoenix has an NBA team. You can soon buy an iPhone for a couple of hundred bucks. And most of us who teach don’t tend to be like your aunt. No offense to your aunt.

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