NY’s Chancellor Klein get thumbs down by teachers. And, new teachers, watch out for “career enders.”

School accountability is a two way street and should be.

From the NY Times:

A school year that began with a choreographed show of harmony between New York City’s schools chancellor, Joel I. Klein, and the president of its teachers’ union, Randi Weingarten, ended on Thursday in discord, with the release of a survey in which thousands of the city’s teachers voiced strong disapproval of Mr. Klein’s leadership.

Of more than 61,000 members of the union, the United Federation of Teachers, who responded to the survey, 85 percent disagreed with the statement that the chancellor’s emphasis on testing had improved education in their schools, while 82 percent said they believed Mr. Klein lacked “confidence in the expertise of his educators.”

And NY school’s blogger and union activist JD2718 is compiling a list of schools he calls, “career enders.”

This blog has a new feature: a Do Not Apply list of NYC public schools. I will expand this list regularly.

Some schools are great. Some are good. Some are ok. Mediocre. Fair. Poor. All of this matters, but in some places the choice is not wide.

But there’s one category of school you need to know about: Career Enders.

New teachers, be careful not to end up in one of those places.

3 thoughts on “NY’s Chancellor Klein get thumbs down by teachers. And, new teachers, watch out for “career enders.”

  1. It’s nice for new teachers to know, but these days, if you have experience, each and every school is a career ender. As the UFT tossed seniority transfers in the trash and then endorsed a plan to have individual schools pay teacher salaries, and allowed principals to choose whether or not to accept transfers, the strangest thing happened–those wacky principals like 45K principals better than 100K principals. Who would’ve imagined such a thing were possible?

    Certainly not UFT President Randi Weingarten or any of her double-pensioned patronage employees. They were busy going to conventions and gala luncheons. And they’re all still out to luncheon, if you ask me.

  2. In the meantime, nyced, you probably have fewer “career-ending” schools near you than I do, but I know very little about your borough, so please, if you know any, send the information on.


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