Speaking of little shacks where good things can be had.

I cooked up a quick dinner for Anne and me tonight. Tossed some shrimp in bread crumbs, garlic, red pepper flakes, parsely and olive oil. Under the broiler for two minutes and turned them for another two. Tossed them with some linquine. Some cooked broccoli and garlic in a pan, then under the broiler for a minute or two until the parmesan cheese melts.

“You know what we haven’t had this summer,” I said to Anne.



We haven’t had a summer without Mario’s in 35 years. This was not going to be the summer we would miss Mario’s.

Ulysses rode in the back. We headed down to Taylor Street in the old Italian neighborhood on the Westside.

Anne had the lemon.

As usual.

I had the cantaloupe.

As usual.

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