The last few days before I go back to work…

First Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Mary J, John Mellenkamp, Nas and now Toby Keith. The Obama IPod playlist gets longer. I hope nobody is offended if I don’t include Toby on mine. Ed Notes Online is channeling Maureen Dowd. Or the other way around. Jose Vilson may go to the Dominican Republic during the summer, but he still reads teacher blogs. We need a support group. School doesn’t start until Monday, but my school e-mail has been busy all week. The Chicago Urban League is filing suit over school funding. Clever JD uses WordPress’ stats report to figure out the searches that bring people to his site. Surprise. They’re looking for information about teacher salaries. When our kids join us for summer at the Lake, we play Pit and Boggle according to the rules. These guys turn Monopoly into something creative. They ignore the rules. My high school pal, Steve F’dor is playing in Santa Monica this weekend. He says, “I’ll be playing at Harvelle’s again this Friday the 22nd, this time with Gary Allegretto’s band, AKA the Sugardaddies.”

2 Replies to “The last few days before I go back to work…”

  1. Hi Jose. OK. What’s step 2?

    I gotta tell you. There was a big thunder storm and the power went out here a few weeks ago (yes. I blogged about it.) And it blew out the router. And I couldn’t blog for two days. I haven’t felt so uneasy and nervous since I quit smoking.

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