Wing-nut Petrilli is depressed. Good. (Update)

Responding to my comments on his and Checker Finn’s post on the Fordham Foundation’s blog, Mike Petrilli says he is depressed.

Wow, if that’s not a depressing way to start a Monday, I’m not sure what is. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Klonksy, of the teachers unions’ corrosive power in American education.

But Team Obama: we’re asking. Are you going to side with Mr. Klonksy and his friends? Or are you going to deliver change we can believe in—including in k-12 education reform?

By corrosive power, he means we work hard for the candidates that stand for public education.

And I guess it is too much to ask that he spell my name right.

Mike Petrilli, former Bush Department of Education official advising Obama about schools and teachers is like having Dick Cheney advising Obama on Constitutional rights.

Update: Don’t piss off my brother. Spell our effin name right doofus.

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