Russo joins O’Reilly and Hannity warning of Obama, the mysterious “other.” (Update)

Even after the election members of the loony Right like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity continue to warn of the mysterious Barack Obama, the man with the funny name and the dangerous associations. Joining them after the election is education blogger Alexander Russo writing on the Huffington Post.

Russo has become the spokesman for those education Republicrats like Whitney Tilson and Joe Williams who have targeted Obama’s close education adviser, Linda Darling-Hammond. But he doesn’t just go after Darling-Hammond’s education views. He hints at something sinister. And he warns:

Whatever the outcome, it’s clear that education advocates who supported Obama because of his change agenda are frustrated and confused that Darling-Hammond’s name is even part of the discussion. What kind of an education President Obama will be remains a mystery for now.

Oooh. Obama. The mysterious other.

Update: Russo cries, “poor me. I’m so misunderstood.” Read his piece in the Huffington Post and decide if I misunderstood.

3 thoughts on “Russo joins O’Reilly and Hannity warning of Obama, the mysterious “other.” (Update)

  1. I don’t know that you misunderstood him as much as you quote him out of context and perhaps react with perhaps a bit of paranoia. The bulk of Russo’s piece actually seemed to be in defense of Darling-Hammond. And I think stating”What kind of an education President Obama will be remains a mystery for now.” Is just sort of pointing out the obvious. We also don’t know what kind of defense President he’ll be or what kind of fiscal President he’ll be, or what kind of energy President he’ll be. We can make assumptions based on campaign promises, but until he selects people for these jobs and supports specific legislation as President, your guess or Russo’s guess are all as good as mine.

  2. Zach,
    People can read the article and decide if I took Russo out of context. “Mystery” is a code word, given the history and language of this campaign. “What kind of education president Obama makes remains to be seen.” OK. But “Obama remains a mystery” is exactly the language that Hannity used that very day. Russo’s too sophisticated a writer not to know that.

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