Sunday links.


Teachers at the Cambridge Lakes Charter School can claim a second win in their effort to form a union at the Pingree Grove school. A state panel ruled Thursday that the panel – the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board – has authority over the charter school. That decision clears the way for the Illinois Education Association, the state’s largest teacher’s union, to represent teachers at the school. The Daily Herald

Hart is one of 15 District schools in the demonstration project jointly run by D.C. and Harvard University. But violence and disorder reached such a level last week that Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee dispatched a team of administrators and additional security to stabilize the Southeast school.

On Monday, she fired principal Kisha Webster.

It now turns out that, rather than encouraging students to get serious about school, the program might actually have deepened the dysfunction at Hart. WaPo

Union voters played an important role in President-elect Barack Obama’s historic victory, delivering a critical bloc of support in swing states that helped propel Obama and other worker-friendly candidates to big wins on Nov. 4, according to polling data from the AFL-CIO.

High turnout among working-class union voters in states like Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania formed a foundation of support for Obama. In new battleground states like Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, the AFL-CIO mounted a bigger effort than ever before, and union members voted by large margins for Obama. EdWize

Gay rights supporters waving rainbow colors marched, chanted and danced in cities coast to coast Saturday to protest the vote that banned gay marriage in California and to urge supporters not to quit the fight for the right to wed.

Crowds gathered near public buildings in cities large and small, including Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and Fargo, to vent their frustrations, celebrate gay relationships and renew calls for change. Sun-Times

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