One more thing about the homophobic Kermit King.

Brother Mike at Small Talk points out that Kermit King, the Chicago BCG consultant who gave big bucks to fund the anti-gay Prop 8 has Chicago schools as clients.

It’s also worth mentioning that BCG was the group brought into Chicago by Daley/Duncan and the Gates Foundation to design the failed high school reform and school privatization component of Renaissance 2010. Coincidence? I think not.

2 thoughts on “One more thing about the homophobic Kermit King.

  1. Also – this guy is not just a consultant, he’s involved in RECRUITING at BCG… look at this article from Business Week. Mind you, BCG got a perfect 100 score from the HRC on their Equality Index. Even though HRC has LGBT employee groups and LGBT friendly policies, do you REALLY want to work for a company who has a big homophobe in charge of RECRUITING??? I think not.

    Would-Be Bankers Turn to Consulting
    October 8, 2008
    With the banking industry in crisis, BusinessWeek reported that many job-seeking MBAs-especially those who once dreamed of lucrative careers in investment banking-are rushing to broaden their options by applying to consulting firms. “We’ve seen attendance double at some campus venues, even people sitting on the floor,” said BCG’s Kermit King, who heads the firm’s recruiting in the Americas. “We think this reflects both the relative attractiveness of consulting as an industry and the relative strength of BCG within the industry in these tough times.”

  2. I am a supporter of LGBT. However, I believe that some of the responses to this issue have confounded the question at hand.

    1. Though the “employee body” as a whole may represent a company, an individual employee’s viewpoint should not be equated with that of the entire firm. Each individual is entitled to his/her beliefs. By hiring both anti-gay rights and LGBT supporters (I know that BCG has a dedicated LGBT recruiting group) work cooperatively together (rather than employee single minded people of either side), BCG attests to the greater openness the firm as a whole.

    2. On this issue in general: posts of King’s phone number online and harassing him is not constructive to the dialogue for constructive discussion. King’s donation was completely legal; he chose campaign contribution as an avenue as a way to express his personal beliefs. Bashing individuals for their views and attempting to cause them to lose their jobs is counter to the core American ideals of freedom of belief.

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