Disappointed in Obama choice.

Manny's corned beef.
Manny's corned beef. No Mayo.

Huffington Post:

President-electBarack Obama arrived at Manny’s Cafeteria and Deli at 12:29 pm to a crowd of about 25 people waiting outside.
Obama and Valerie Jarett walked to the front counter of the deli. 7 men in whte hats stood behind the counter waiting to make sandwiches.

Obama shook hands with Ken Raskin the restaurant’s owner. Raskin’s father, Manny, founded the Chicago institution.

“Rahm Emanuel sends his regards. I ordered him his corned beef,” Obama told Raskin.

Obama signed a photo of himself with Mayor Daley after he won his Senate election in 2006. The photo was for Raskin.

“Alright, let me get my food,” Obama said.

Someone suggested he get the mayo and mustard mix on his corned beef, and he said he would.

Asked by reporter what he ordered, Obama said, “we got the corned beef.”

Asked by a reporter, “What do you think about the auto industry? and Obama smiled, said “I got the corned beef,” and walked on to greet people in the restaurant.

The restaurant was packed. People had cell phone cameras out. They swarmed the president-elect, congratulating him on the election.

Mayo and mustard mix on the corned beef? I’m so disappointed in that choice. No mayo on corned beef. Ever.

7 thoughts on “Disappointed in Obama choice.

  1. I understand your feelings on what appears to be quite a betrayal. But to be fair, the guy is not from New York and Chicago (for some strange and inexplicable reason) does not have a tradition of good Jewish delis (and Hawaii?). Manny’s is not bad, but there’s just no tradition of eating good corned beef or pastrami (thick sliced like at Katz’s).

    I once dated a girl in high school that I took to Canter’s in LA. She ordered the corned beef with russian dressing and I never spoke to her again.

    In any case, it is still early in the Obama administration. There’s time for him to gain some knowledge in this area. Although I’ve been to DC and it isn’t much better than Chicago for good Jewish delis.

  2. This is indeed a scandalous outrage, and we should be grateful it came out after the election. But as long as he doesn’t nominate Joel Klein as Education Secretary, I say let him eat whatever vile concoction that suits his fancy.

    After all, he’s the Prez-elect.

  3. This is just one of the worst choices he’s made thus far. He really needs to become a better decision maker if we want to fully entrust him with the future of this country.

  4. While I am unhappy with his decision to put Mayo on his corned beef, he hasn’t invaded another country, shredded the Constitution, let people die on the streets of a major American city, appoint cronies and fools to high government posts, use disasters as an excuse to hand over what is public to the private sector or pursue economic policies that cause millions to lose their jobs and go hungry. So in my opinion, on balance, he’s doing OK. Trust? Who trusts?

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