Want to support the Republic sit-ins? Here’s how.

Kenneth Lewis, Bank of America CEO.
Call Ken.

Here are three ways you can support the Republic sit-in:

  • Donate to the strike fund. The United Electrical Workers (UE) ain’t rich. The families have to eat, pay rent and utilities. And, jeez, its almost Christmas!
  • Go by the plant to show solidarity. Bring some warm food. Blankets. Although Republic hasn’t forced them out of the plant, they’ve turned down the heat. And, man, it’s cold in Chicago right now
  • Call Bank of America and ask to speak with the CEO. That would be Kenneth Lewis. Say, “Ken, I am a concerned member of the community who is disturbed by BOA’s apparent disregard for people’s livelihoods by forcing Republic Windows to shut down without paying people their vacation and WARN act pay.” Calls help, but so do e-mails and faxes to the Ken.

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