Sunday links.


Jonathan claims his post-inaugural break is finished. Good. Get back to work, JD!

Jose Vilson reflects on some civil rights movement history.

Carl Davidson reports on health care workers in Western Pennsylvania. Remember Republic Doors and Windows? It’s deja vu all over again.

CPS has decided that no fans from visiting schools can attend school sporting events. An  across the board, one-size-fits-all policy arising from two incidents in recent weeks.

Street artist Shepard Fairey’s great portrait of Barack Obama gets hung at the National Portrait Gallery.

What was the Gaza invasion for? Juan Cole says it didn’t move us any closer to a permanent peace, that’s for sure.

Obama already has committed to a major increase in U.S. troops on the battle front, where our main role has been to prop up the enormously corrupt and ineffectual government in Kabul. The only justification for entering even more aggressively into the civil war in that country is the simplistic identification of the Taliban with the remnants of Osama bin Laden’s gang. The drawing of that link was never accurate: The Taliban is an outgrowth of an indigenous movement, originally stocked with CIA arms and cash, and even when bin Laden had the support of the Afghan group he was getting most of his money from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which along with Pakistan made up the nations that granted the Taliban diplomatic recognition. Why make the Taliban our permanent enemy while coddling the state players who sponsored it? Robert Scheer

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