Sunday links.

Francois Begaudeau speaks to his class.
Francois Begaudeau speaks to his class.

A farewell letter to the Greatest Education President Ever.

NY parents are not exactly thrilled at the prospect of huge teacher layoffs.

I’m not doing the 25 things thing. But I enjoyed Jose’s 25 things that he wants to know about you.

I already noted the perversity of teacher union support for Chicago Machine man John Fritchey in his race for the Illinois 5th CD. But it just gets worse for the political reputation if Illinois union leadership. In spite of an anti-labor record that includes being a registered lobbyist for Bank of America (of Republic Doors and Windows fame), AFSCME and the AFL-CIO also endorsed him.

I saw The Class last night. If you care about teachers, teaching and students you should see it too.

Given that conservatives are going all out to block Solis’s appointment, and the fierce and effective right-wing effort to push back the stimulus package, it’s crucial that your elected reps hear how many Americans support President Obama’s pick for labor. Click here for contact info and ask your elected reps to take a stand on the Solis nomination, and by extension, the rights of working men and women throughout their state. Peter Rothberg

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