Sunday links.


An article on Obama’s religious advisors in this morning’s NY Times quotes the Rev. Jim Wallis: “We didn’t think Jesus’ top priorities would be capital gains tax cuts and supporting the next war.”

Green for All is the organization founded by Van Jones, Obama’s new advisor on environmental issues. He’s not your daddy’s tree hugger.

A brother IEA local president, Kissfan blogs at Daily Kos and takes on Bill Maher for his ignorant comments about teacher tenure. It’s a case of Maher being both wrong and unfunny.

“We are not afraid,” says JD.

28 Chicago school children have been killed so far this year. 

We can’t defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan, as the last seven years have shown. Numbers are part of the problem: most Taliban are members of Afghanistan’s majority tribe, the Pashtuns. More confounding, the Taliban and their Qaeda allies have found in northwestern Pakistan a refuge that has proved almost impregnable. These factors make overcoming the enemy in Afghanistan infinitely harder than it was in Iraq. Leslie Gelbpresident emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations.

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