Fordham’s Petrilli, “I’m no Limbaugh.”

Fordham’s Mike Petrilli, Flypaper, March 27th:

I want to like the education stimulus package. I really do. Regardless of what the Klonsky brothers might tell you, I’m no Rush Limbaugh, hoping for President Obama’s policies to fail. I’d love to see the cause of education reform accelerated as a result of the influx of federal funds.

Fordham’s Mike Petrilli, Flypaper, February 5th:

We’re going to give our children “every advantage” by upgrading their school facilities? I can’t think of a single serious, credible study that says that an upgrade of school facilities will be the cure for what ails our schools. Now, if you want to launch public works programs to infuse the economy with cash, I’m fine with rebuilding schools instead of rebuilding roads. But let’s get real about the likely impact on learning: nada.

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