Sunday links.


Thanks for the nice words from JD2718.

Cubs magic number is 158. You can follow them on 140 Characters from Home Plate on Twitter.

Arizona State is catching hell for their stupid refusal to give Obama an honorary degree.

Is “non-negotiable expectations” the new education buzz phrase?

Are the wing-nuts really calling their anti-Obama rallies “tea bagging?”

Need a nap this afternoon? You can play this CSPAN broadcast of a wing-nut panel hosted by Checker Finn explaining why education budget cuts are a boon to their conception of school reform.

Frank Rich reminds us that while Larry Summers was Harvard prez he hammered Cornel West for neglecting his professorial duties in order to cut a spoken-word CD. It turns out at the same time Summers was raking in millions for managing hedge funds.

as soon as you think you’ve learned something
in the computer world they come along and
mess it up so you can’t work it any more
and i was already tired of it when they rolled out windows.

just now i typed an “enter” keystroke and got,
not a carriage-return-line-feed as thirty @#$% years
of experience have led me to believe i have every right
to expect but a single space. i mean really. why go on?

vlorbik in JD’s comments

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