Sunday links.


A NY teacher writes to the Daily News about what control by the mayor has meant for NY’s schools. It hasn’t been good. Someone should send a copy to Arne who seems to be in love with the idea.

More on torture. This one isn’t a radio stunt. And it didn’t happen in Guantanamo. Sweet home, Chicago.

“Only in Illinois would it take a state Supreme Court decision to give citizens the right to get a copy of a school superintendent’s contract,” writes Phil Kadner in the Daily Southtown.

An LA teacher mourns the day his union died.

Deborah Meier is interviewed on Democracy Now!

I woke up this morning completely unready to teach. I’m talking about, I didn’t have a cup of Café Bustelo / I didn’t have my clothes ready / I forgot what planet I was on unready. I tried to get my mind straight about what I’d teach this week and I came up with the semi-brilliant idea of reviewing rates seeing as how we’ll need them for understanding linear equations. Good improv, Mr. V. Mr. V decides to sleep on that thought right on the A-train, taking his usual siesta a few hours too early but always right on time. I got my Whiteboard ready, laptop ready, Do Now / Problem of the Day typed up, and my collar straightened. It’s go time. Jose Vilson

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