LA liberty.


The late Chicago crime boss, Sam Giancana.
The late Chicago crime boss, Sam Giancana.

After five days in San Diego at the NEA RA, I need some liberty. My daughter flew in, we rented a red VW rag top beetle and headed up the Pacific Coast Highway.

LA was our destination. Food was our quest.

Hard to do when I’m trying to lose twenty pounds over the summer, but I focused on serving size for this week. If I can stand on the scale when I get home and it says the same thing it said when I left, I will feel good about it. If it says I gained some pounds, I’m still going to feel good about. I love food in LA.

Not that small plate, celebrity chef, goo-goo food. I’m here for the people’s food.

Last night we went to an Iranian restaurant in Westwood. Did you know that there are about a half million Iranians in the LA area? Westwood Boulevard south of Wilshire is home to lots of Persian markets and restaurants. We had a delicious meal at the Flame.

Whenever we stay in Venice, we skip the free “breakfast” at the place we’re staying and head over to The Cow’s End on Washington. It’s totally local. The coffee is okay. The oatmeal is oatmeal. But the local characters and their dogs make it all worthwhile. It’s a morning commune and anyone can join in. There’s a guy. He’ll give you the skinny on how Sam Giancana tried to get Castro killed at JFK’s request. He’ll explain how he knew all the guys in the Chicago mob back in the day. I don’t want to give you too much of description of the guy, if you know what I mean.

Today we were at the Grand Central Market on Broadway. It’s where I had my first onion rings when I was nine. Today it was goat birria tacos, even though the special was pig snout tacos.

Tonight we’re having burgers around the corner at Hinano’s.

Here’s what a Yelp review of Hinano says.

Hinano’s has the best cheese burger in the Northern Hemisphere. They may also have the coldest beer south of Prudhoe Bay.

These burgers are super juicy and amazingly delicious. They are true “don’t let go” hamburgers. Each burger comes with a dill pickle, a side of jalapeno peppers, and a bag of chips. Get ready to use a handful of napkins.

Not only are the beer mugs frosted, but so are the pitchers! You will also find a fantastic selection of draft and bottled beers. One of the beer taps had an icicle of frozen beer… Nirvana.

The atmosphere is biker bar lite – dark, sawdust on the floor, pool tables in the back, and free popcorn all around.

So why has Hinano been reduced to just four stars?  Because they also have the slimiest plastic mustard & ketchup dispensers on the planet. Yikes.


3 thoughts on “LA liberty.

  1. Funny, you had to go all the way the L.A. from Chicago to get the skinny (no pun intended) on Sam Giancana.

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