Three over coffee.

3700216472_8b7be86566I never thought I would get back to summer Saturday mornings at Letezia’s Natural Bakery on Division Street. It was too cold to have coffee there before I left for San Diego and LA. So here it is: Mid-July and Anne and I had our first Saturday coffee outside.

Then Mike and Susan joined us. We discussed the news of the day.  Then it was off to the farmers’ market, drop off the cleaning, and take care of the rest of Saturday errands.

Gail Collins’ column in this morning’s NY Times about Republican Senator John Ensign’s affairs and friends could pretty much write itself and be hilarious.

One of Ensign’s roommates, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, was described by Hampton as being particularly vocal about the importance of cash contributions to “make these folks whole.” Coburn denies this, although he won’t say exactly what advice he gave to his erring colleague. Coburn told Roll Call that he talked to Ensign as a “physician and as an ordained deacon” and that he will therefore have the right to keep mum even if he’s dragged into court or a Senate committee hearing.

This makes me sort of hope that some kind of investigation takes place just so Coburn, who’s an obstetrician, can explain how exactly doctor-patient confidentiality figures into this.

Governor Quinn surrenders. No budget. Screw the people. Charlie McBarron quotes Casey Stengel. Always a good choice.

Can’t anybody here play this game?

That is the question, posed by legendary baseball manager Casey Stengel about his 1962 Mets, a team that lost 120 games in a season. Of course, even that legendarily bad team still managed to win 40 games. I wonder what the winning percentage is lately for people elected to serve Illinois?

NY’s Mayor Bloomberg, the guy who claimed the world would implode without mayoral control, isn’t  comfortable with public school kids. JD2718 busts the rich little snot.

A blogger in a different part of the NYC blogging universe looked at Bloomberg’s education campaign literature.

It is glossy.

It has bulleted points.

It has Catholic school kids dressed up to look like public school kids.

What? Bloomberg’s not comfortable with real public school kids?

Maybe it was, hmm, an unusual circumstance? A misunderstanding?

Nope. They brought Catholic School girls into an all-boys Catholic School. They told them to bring street clothes and change out of their uniforms for the shoot.

Mike Bloomberg thinks we’re too dumb to know when rich people lie to us.

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