Hyatt tries to pull a fast one. Swaps outsourcing companies. Housekeepers remain jobless.

Facing one of the worst PR fiascos in recent memory, the Hyatt corporation, owned by the family of Obama adviser Penny Pritzker, first tried to buy off the fired housekeepers with an offer for a job somewhere else.

Do you recall the story? Hyatt had the housekeepers train their own replacements (without telling them that was what they were doing). Then they fired them and hired a non-union contractor to do the work.

Now they’re switching contractors.

Boston Globe:

In a statement, Hyatt Hotels Corp. said: “We are making this change because United was able to offer us a complete package that also provides new positions and outplacement services to all former Hyatt housekeepers, which HSS is not in a position to do.’’

The change means some of the fired housekeepers could return to work at a Hyatt hotel under United. “It’s possible that they could be placed there,’’ said Hyatt spokeswoman Farley Kern.

Unite Here Local 26 president Janice Loux, who has been organizing rallies for the nonunion housekeepers, said, “Why is this company so resistant to giving these women their jobs back?’’

The call for a national boycott of all Hyatt hotels remains in effect.

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