Sunday links.

2549465359_d8855899f8With the Beck-nuts and Republican House members doing a Van Jones on Kevin Jennings, the NEA to its credit, issues a statement of support.

This week Debbie takes on merit pay. She convinces me, but that isn’t very hard.

Have you sent your email of support to the Ottawa teachers on strike for two and a half weeks? I know a lot of you are on the coasts, but there are teachers struggling here in the heartland. Send it to  The OTHSEA prez is Glenn Weatherford.

Another A list I’m not on. OnLine schools publishes a list of the 50 best school reform blogs. But considering who made it, I’m okay with this. It’s a mighty white list.

Under Rhee the privatization of public education in Washington DC marches on. Almost 40% of the District’s students are now in charter schools.

Chicago cop is video taped abusing a student who was walking across campus during the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh. The student was arrested, forced to pose for pictures, handcuffed on his knees, for a group of cops.

While I’ve silently and not-so-silently cheered you on as a great example of a man, and even as a politician, I also have so many concerns about the direction (or lack thereof) that this country has headed in, I just have to put things out there. For instance, in the first week of school, I showed the video of you giving a speech to school children about the importance of education and for America’s kids to do well in school. I appreciated the gesture, as these sorts of open demonstrations of care rarely happened over the last decade or so. Then, I’m also nagged by the idea that Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, as your representative for the top education chair in the country and thus, an extension of you, wants to keep pushing a reform agenda that corporatizes our public schools and asks already-cash-strapped states to develop reforms that reflect this more corporate view of public education … or else. Jose Vilson

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