Green Dot’s Animo Justice Charter shutting down. Students are sitting in.

Claiming that they are short of money and facing low enrollment, Green Dot’s Animo Justice Charter is closing down. The school, which serves primarily Black and Latino students was one of the first Green Dot schools to open in LA.

LA Now:

About 400 students took part Monday in a peaceful sit-in and walkout to protest the scheduled closure of their South Los Angeles charter school at the end of the academic year.

The school, Animo Justice Charter High School, is operated by Green Dot Public Schools, one of the city’s best-known charter operators.

Green Dot officials said the school was losing too much money because of under-enrollment and said students would be able to enroll at other Green Dot schools in the area. They also said Green Dot teachers in good standing would still have jobs.

Animo Justice would be the first Green Dot school closed by the rapidly growing nonprofit, which runs 19 schools in the L.A. area and one in New York City.

One thought on “Green Dot’s Animo Justice Charter shutting down. Students are sitting in.

  1. Hmm. Most of the mainstream media — certainly the L.A. Times — is deeply convinced that Green Dot is a miracle and a wild success. I have a feeling that they will just happen to “not notice” this situation. And part of the narrative is that Green Dot is turning away hordes of would-be students who are beating down the door, by the way — so what’s with the underenrollment? Gosh, could it be that the L.A. Times misinformed us? Nooooo!

    High Tech High is another “it’s a miracle!” charter chain that the media gushes over nonstop, and they closed a charter in my area, the San Francisco Bay Area (specifically in San Mateo). The world happened to “not notice” when that occurred, similarly.

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