NEA RA: “No confidence in Race to the Top”

The gap just got wider between the United States Department of Education and its Secretary Arne Duncan on the one side and America’s teachers on the other. Never has their been such hostility between the NEA, a reliable Democratic constituency, and a Democratic Party controlled USDE.

While earlier New Business Items had addressed problems with Race to the Top in general terms, NBI 2 was most clear and direct:

“While the National Education Association Representative Assembly supports and appreciates the significant increase in federal funding for education, the NEA takes a position of no confidence in the US Department of Education’s Race to the Top competitive grant policies and guidelines as a basis for the reauthorization of ESEA and similar initiatives and policies that undermine public education.”

During the hour-long debate, speaker after speaker warned that the term “no confidence” would offend the Administration and would keep us from being invited to sit at the table.

But the anger of the majority of delegates would not be contained by fear. We had enough.

Significantly, the Illinois delegation had voted in caucus to oppose the New Business Item. Illinois was one of the few delegations standing with the minority in opposition.

Except for a few of us.

3 thoughts on “NEA RA: “No confidence in Race to the Top”

  1. “No confidence in RttT,” was NBI2. It did pass. Overwhelmingly? Well it was close enough to go from a voice vote to a standing vote. From where I was sitting, it didn’t seem overwhelming or close: a clear majority. But perceptions depend a lot on where you are in the hall. But the fears of those who thought this would anger the Obama administration are contradicted by today’s NY Times’ Sam Dillon piece. The administration seems are worried about us and their prospects for November and 2012 with an angry teacher union base. They should be.

  2. I certainly hope they are.

    This fall will be the first time I ever vote against Democrats, since they’ve been largely useless these last few years. And in 2012, while I can’t imagine voting for a Republican, I just might write in some teacher’s name. Maybe yours.

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