Civil Rights groups break with Obama on education.

When last month the delegates to the National Education Association voted no confidence on Race to the Top it signaled the beginning of an open break with the Obama administration on education by a key section the progressive wing of the coalition that elected him.

It was unfortunate that the AFT buried a similar resolution using bureaucratic convention rules.

But no matter.

Today, the entire core of the US Civil Rights Movement joined the NEA in opposition to the Obama education agenda.

Placing themselves in opposition to the administration are the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Schott Foundation for Public Education, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National Coalition for Educating Black Children, National Urban League, and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.

From Race to the Top, to charter schools, to most of the prescriptive federal demands on local states and school districts, these main stream civil right groups stand firmly in opposition.

More to come, I’m sure.

4 Replies to “Civil Rights groups break with Obama on education.”

  1. According to Valerie Strauss in this morning’s Washington Post: “Leaders of these groups were scheduled to hold a press conference Monday to release the framework but it was cancelled because, a spokesman said, there was a conflict in schedules. The delay was, presumably, not connected to public appearances this week by Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan at the convention marking the 100th anniversary of the Urban League in Washington D.C. Obama is making a speech on Thursday; Duncan on Wednesday.”


  2. The broader the coalition the better, and in my opinion keep the focus on education, and not make it too general. I want to keep Dems in Congress as well as the White House, so what we should do is create a climate for people to participate. Let Obama feel the heat from people who elected him, but what we also need to do is draw support from Independents.

    Educate people!

  3. THE funniest thing I’ve read today!! The thing is, he’s not even smooth about it. DUH Arne @@

    Arne Duncan says he thinks about Dr. Martin Luther King “every single day.” <This guy is a one-man bullshit machine

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