Where does the threat of a Right-wing victory in November come from?

Some friends have written, concerned that progressives are threatening to cause so much trouble that it will open the door to a Right-wing victory, at least in the House, come November.

I am not exactly overwhelmed with the spinelessness of the Democrats who have had 60 seats in the Senate for most of the past two years and a huge majority in the House. But I too would not look forward to a return of the Right-wing to power in Congress next year.

But who is setting the country up for this?

If thousands of progressive voters stay home in a dozen or so states come November, why would that be?

In 2008 did we vote for a never-ending war in Iraq (yes, we’re still there) and Afghanistan?

Did we vote for a Department of Education run by a crony of Mayor Daley with policies dictated by Wall Street hedge fund managers and members of the Billionaire Boys Club?

Did we vote for an Oval Office crew of white boys who rush to judgement in firing heroes of the Civil Rights Movement out of fear of what loony Glenn Beck would say?

Did we vote for a president who would applaud the firing of all 100 union teachers in a Rhode Island  high school with no due process?

Or who would explain his failure to act quickly to the Gulf eco-disaster because he actually believed the promises of BP?

This is not to say that one could not construct a list of progressive actions that the president has taken over the past two years. But the list is short.

And so is time to turn things around.

3 Replies to “Where does the threat of a Right-wing victory in November come from?”

  1. You’re absolutely right, of course. But it’s a tough choice. I’ll probably vote Green for NY Governor, and unless Obama does an Ebeneezer Scrooge style turnaround, they’ll get my presidential vote too.

    But you know they won’t win, and you wonder whether you may as well vote GOP. Basically, there’s not all that much difference anymore.

  2. The biggest threat to what we want is our owm apathy and resignation. When I read comments “what is the difference,” my answer to that is there IS a difference. I would rather work with Obama, and remind him of WHO his base is, than some right wing nutcase who will take us back to an dangerous place with less potential for anything.

    So what will Progressives do, cop out and become wishy washy Independents, only to hand the country over to Republicans who are gleefully waiting for this to happen? Not me.

  3. We are smarter, better educated, and many of us have been fighters for things our whole lives. If given the opportunity WHAT progressive in their right mind would consciously hand over their party’s majority, so you can claim how thoughtful and deliberative you are to your friends? JHC- Scott Brown has more cajones than some of the whiny progressives out there.

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