Have some in Congress found their spine? May fight for food stamps. UPDATE

You couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere else. It would be easy to believe that it was blogs that exposed the plan to pay for teacher jobs by cutting $12 billion to the food stamp program that made a difference.

The Hill is reporting this morning:

Liberal Democrats said they will vote for a $26.1 billion state aid bill when the House reconvenes this week but are committed to restoring the food-stamps program funding that is being used to pay for it.

The jobs measure, which passed the Senate on Thursday, includes $10 billion for states and local governments to help them stave off teacher cutbacks, and another $16.1 billion to help states with their Medicaid obligations.

Nearly half of the state aid bill’s cost is being offset by taking $12 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the official name for the food-stamps program. The bill finds those savings by ending in 2014 a stimulus program that has increased food-stamp levels.

Whether a commitment to restore the food stamps can be translated in the next 24 hours into actually restoring the money remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Jobs bill passes House. Food Stamp program slashed.

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