Duncan declares war on teachers.

The first sign of open warfare was the public support given to the mass firing of 100 teachers in Central Falls, Rhode Island by Ed Secretary Arne Duncan and President Obama.

This wasn’t a policy dispute. These were real teachers, in real classrooms with real families. It was an open shot across the bow. A warning to all public school teachers that this administration was out to get them.

This is not paranoia. It is now the reality facing every public school teacher in the country.

Today, Arne Duncan announced that he was in full support of the Los Angeles Times publishing in the newspaper the names of teachers who have students who don’t test well.

Duncan asked, “What is there to hide?”

What a fool.

Duncan was joined by the California Secretary of Education Bonnie Reiss who said, “Publishing this data is not about demonizing teachers,” Reiss said. “It’s going to create a more market-driven approach to results.”

There’s a slogan for Obama to run on in 2012: “Public schools. Let’s have market-driven results! Vote Obama.”

Duncan and Obama have continually claimed that their version of school reform was not going to be done to teachers, but with teachers.


There is no doubt in my mind that this is a declaration of a political war on teachers.

Will it be a one-sided war? Our union leaders must see to it that it is not.

4 Replies to “Duncan declares war on teachers.”

  1. Obama really needs to be nailed on this one ,and who is better equipped to teach this administration, than teachers themselves, and their union brothers and sisters? After all, we did elect him, and he’s always said he’s open to discussion.

  2. Unfortunately what we are also seeing is the result of decades of failure to advance a leadership cadre which have practical experience in RUNNING schools and teaching in classes. There is lots of blame to go around – from a professional ethos that moves (predominately males) quickly into principal and then management chairs to a failure of unions to embrace and work with internal reformers.

    I say this because only a non-educator like Duncan could think it makes sense, a week before school starts, to realease questionable and unfiltered VAA data to the public. Do they have any idea that throughout LA parents will descend on sites, armed with their pages of print outs, and DEMAND that their child be moved to a classroom with a teacher with a reported higher VAA score? Can one even begin to imagine the back to school nights? Harried out of their brain during the first week, principals are going to be inunudated and, inevitably, will make choices designed to mollify the most vocal and most demanding. Guess what? I predict that if the LA times goes back and looks at the end of the year they will find that the poorest students are MORE concentrated in the teachers with the lowest reported VAA scores. We are going to see a horrible year in LAUSD and the ones to blame are the TIMES, the gutless wonders at LAUSD, and indirectly people like Duncan who have never had to face an irrate parent DEMANDING that their precious snowflake get moved NOW because…damm it…she HAS to get into an Ivy and a wasted year in Kindergarten will put her that much further behind!

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