Sunday links.

(Photo by illinijonesey)

Some charter operators are speaking out of two side of their mouths. When Chicago charter teachers wanted to organize a union, the private management operators said the usual state labor rules shouldn’t apply because they were private, not public. Now they want to be public in order to get federal money from the edujobs bill.

Jeez. This is a first. The IEA leadership has finally decided to stop endorsing the anti-union Mark Kirk.

Vote in my Chicago mayor issues poll. As Harold Washington always said, “It’s the plan, not the man.”

Frank Rich thinks Obama can still turn this thing around if he spines up.

I’m glad to see that my blogger friend JD2718 is back from his summer adventures and posting again.

all day, across the river, the smell of burning rubber and limbs
floats through. the sirens have stopped now. the advertisers are
back on the air. the rescue workers are traumatized. the skyline is
brought back to human size. no longer taunting the gods with its

i have not cried at all while writing this. i cried when i saw those
buildings collapse on themselves like a broken heart. i have never
owned pain that needs to spread like that. and i cry daily that my
brothers return to our mother safe and whole.

there is no poetry in this. there are causes and effects. there are
symbols and ideologies. mad conspiracy here, and information we will
never know. there is death here, and there are promises of more.

there is life here. anyone reading this is breathing, maybe hurting,
but breathing for sure. and if there is any light to come, it will
shine from the eyes of those who look for peace and justice after the
rubble and rhetoric are cleared and the phoenix has risen.

affirm life.
affirm life.
we got to carry each other now.
you are either with life, or against it.
affirm life.

from First Writing Since (Poem on Crisis of Terror) by Suheir Hammad

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