Chicago Teachers Union beats the board in teacher firing suit.

Just in: In the case of the Chicago Teachers Union v Board of Ed, a Federal District Court judge has ruled in favor of the union. The CTU was seeking an injunction to stop the firing of tenured teachers.

The judge ruled,

The Court orders the Board to rescind the discharges of tenured teachers under the Board’s June 15, 2010 resolution and to promulgate, in consultation with the Teachers

Union and after good-faith negotiation, a set of recall rules that complies with 105 ILCS 5/34-18(31) within the next 30 days. The Court also preliminarily and permanently enjoins the Board from conducting layoffs or “honorable discharges” in a similarly unlawful manner, until such time as the recall rules have been promulgated.

Commenting on the judges ruling Robin Potter of the law firm of Potter and Associates, which represented the CTU said,

I am very proud to represent the great Chicago Teachers Union along with Robert Bloch, Tom Geoghegan and Mike Persoon. This is a monumental ruling for all workers and public education both!  We are not waiting for superman – the Chicago Teachers Union and our members are all supermen and superwomen.

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