Race to the Top. Buyer’s remorse?

Here’s a concept:

“My philosophy has always been that from the front door to the back door, from the secretary to the lunchroom worker, [everyone] is responsible for the student achievement of every child,” Jones County School Superintendent Bill Mathews told the AJC. “We set our goals and if we meet our goals, we all celebrate.”

When Mathews was hired as Jones County, Georgia Superintendent, the district had signed on to Race to the Top.

Now they have withdrawn. Mathews didn’t like the requirement linking student performance to individual teacher evaluations.

And others are following.

In Ohio, 50 of the initial 538 districts and schools that were part of the state’s Race to the Top application have dropped out, foregoing their local share of the state’s $400 million award.

2 Replies to “Race to the Top. Buyer’s remorse?”

  1. Two reactions to Matthews quote: First, he sound like Renaud in Casablanca: I am SHOCKED to find gambling going on here! There was PLENTY of warning about what Race to the Trough was about. And second, if “socialist” statements like his get around, he’ll be ruined from the Education Reform Movement. Talking about mutual responsibility, and communal efforts, results and support is a good way to be banned from the right-wing led education reform movement, currently led by Duncan and approved by Obama. There’s no “we” allowed.

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