Is Rahm running for school librarian?

Nothing would make me happier than to have the future of our schools be the subject of high level political discourse in the upcoming Chicago mayor’s race.

That’s not going to happen.

Rahmageddon is too busy explaining where his current address is to attend any public forums on the issue, such as the one last night at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 3,000 people attended. But no Rahmageddon.

You can read my brother Mike’s report on the UIC forum here. He actually ventured out on a freezing Chicago night to hear the candidates, minus the ever-absent Rahmageddon and the let-me-outta-here Gery Chico.

But when Rahmageddon and Chico speak about schools, which they did this past week, it is tired retreads of the failed Daley/Duncan Renaissance 2010.  Or silly bromides about parents reading with their children. Who could disagree with that?

Parents should read with their kids.

What does it have to do with mayoral policy?

The more dangerous is their advocacy of failed Daley/Duncan policies. What the city and its schools don’t need is four more wasted years.

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