Stand for Children raises $3,000,000 to go after Illinois teacher unions.

Last November, the Oregon-based reformy outfit Stand for Children swooped into Illinois and tossed $700,000 into the legislative campaign.

It was a pretty good investment.

As a result Speaker Madigan set up the House Education Reform Committee as a platform for SFC and only a massive email campaign, phone calls and the legislative clock kept the General Assembly from passing a bill that would outlaw teacher strikes and destroy seniority rights.

SFC will be back next week when the new legislative session begins. But this time they will be armed with  three million dollars raised from those like the Pritzker family. This is the same Pritzker family that refuses to settle a contract with their workers at the Hyatt Hotel chain.

Here’s a list of local Illinois donors to Stand for Children.

H/T Kenneth Libby

4 Replies to “Stand for Children raises $3,000,000 to go after Illinois teacher unions.”

    1. Based on who gave and how much, I would say the stand for mega-profits, for union busting, for teacher bashing, for beating up on people who work in their hotels, make their beds, cook their food, for driving the Chicago Tribune into the financial ditch (although I don’t mind that too much).

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