Sunday links.

The above poster, and more, can be found at Just Seeds Artist Cooperative.

Michael Bloomberg thinks he’s Hosni Mubarak and Brooklyn is Liberation Square. Maybe he’s right.

Oy. Can’t we leave Ronald Reagan out of this?

A young teacher with a beer and the word “bitch” on Facebook gets canned. Without my union you can pretty much figure out what they would do to me.

I asked an old friend here in Cairo, a woman with Western tastes that include an occasional glass of whiskey, whether the Muslim Brotherhood might be bad for peace. She thought for a moment and said: “Yes, possibly. But, from my point of view, in America the Republican Party is bad for peace as well.” Nicholas Kristoff

Happy Birthday Ronnie. Valerie Strauss at the Washington Post suggests our national obsession with the standardized test has its roots in the Reagan administration.

Miguel Del Valle remembers the history of small family-run African American businesses. He talks about the closing of Army and Lou’s Restaurant. Thanks to Tim Furman for this video.

Unable to watch Al Jazeera English, and ravenous for comprehensive and sophisticated 24/7 television coverage of the Middle East otherwise unavailable on television, millions of Americans last week tracked down the network’s Internet stream on their computers. Such was the work-around required by the censorship practiced by America’s corporate gatekeepers. You’d almost think these news-starved Americans were Iron Curtain citizens clandestinely trying to pull in the jammed Voice of America signal in the 1950s — or Egyptians desperately seeking Al Jazeera after Mubarak disrupted its signal last week. Frank Rich


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