Ben Velderman is stalking me.

I told you about this group called The Education Action Group. Their boy, Ben Velderman has filed an Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, demanding all my work emails.

That’s a picture of Ben.

Here’s Ben’s vitae:

Even though Ben’s teaching career lasted a brief two years, he accumulated a storehouse of experiences as the 7th and 8th grade classroom teacher for Zeeland Public Schools’ alternative program.  Working with fellow teachers and classroom aides, Ben sought to help at-risk students achieve academic success as well as develop the individual life skills needed for success outside the classroom.  Though not always an easy assignment, the day-to-day development of many students proved to be very rewarding. 

During his days as a student teacher, Ben worked at Black River Public School, one of the nation’s premier charter schools.  That experience enabled him to see first-hand the unique qualities (such as the commitment to innovation and accountability) that make charter schools such a promising addition to the public education system.

Ben holds an undergraduate degree from Hope College and a Master’s degree from Michigan State University.  He received his teacher certification through Grand Valley State University.  He is also a former member of the Michigan Education Association.

Taught two years! Damn. That’s some knowledge base old Ben is working from.

Well. Don’t forget his student teaching at a charter school. What’s that? ten weeks. That counts too.

Two years though. Does that mean he got RIFed or released for cause and he didn’t get tenure?

Don’t email from work.

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