Ben Velderman. You’ve seen mine. Can I see yours?

A couple of weeks ago, Ben Velderman of the Michigan-based union hating Education Action Group, filed a Ilinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for all my work emails.

Today, they get the emails that they requested.

Fascinating reading. Paint supply orders. Department meeting schedules. Cold weather procedures. Field trip reminders. Meeting schedules. Meeting schedules. Did I say meeting schedules?

Pretty radical stuff.

But here’s my deal. Now that Ben Velderman has my emails, do I get to see his? I mean, what does he have to hide?

The EAG was certain I was using school emails to advocate for things like social justice and collective bargaining rights. Things I do on my personal blog.

I have no idea what Ben does on his work computer. Wouldn’t you like to know?

So come on Ben. Let us see yours.

Ben Velderman: 213 733 4202. His email is

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