Scott Walker is so busted.

Wisconsin public service workers have said it for weeks.

Governor Walker’s bill to outlaw collective bargaining has nothing to do with budget short falls. It’s a union busting act, pure and simple.

Ian Murphy, a self-described gonzo journalist for the Buffalo Beast, pretended he was right-wing billionaire David Koch (pronounce it any way you like) and fooled the foolish Governor into taking his call.

Walker admits to everything.

According to the audio, Walker told him: 

That statehouse GOPers were plotting to hold Democratic senators’ pay until they returned to vote on the controversial union-busting bill.

That Walker was looking to nail Dems on ethics violations if they took meals or lodging from union supporters.

That he’d take “Koch” up on this offer: “[O]nce you crush these bastards I’ll fly you out to Cali and really show you a good time.”

The Buffalo Beast site is down now. You can read the latest here at Mother Jones.

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