The call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad.

Today we start a week of ISAT testing. I’m just sayin’.

In New York, Bloomberg is threatening to layoff thousands of teachers. Some schools would lose half their faculty.

Union leaders dismissed the layoff document as a scare tactic from Bloomberg, who last year called off planned teacher layoffs.

Teachers union President Michael Mulgrew – who supports the current seniority rules – rejected the projections as “fear-mongering from Mayor Bloomberg” and “irresponsible.”

“With a $3 billion budget surplus, he doesn’t need to do layoffs at all,” Mulgrew said about the unexpected boost in tax revenues.

Says JD2718:

He is trying to line up political support and public opinion against seniority. It is a fraud because layoffs are not necessary. The money is there. He wants this crisis.

Says NYC Educator:

This is a man who’s made his motto “Children First.” How does he put children first? Apparently, by letting them know precisely which of their teachers are to be fired. Likely he will explain how getting rid of an objective layoff system will reduce the layoffs–by targeting higher-paid teachers he will be able to retain a higher number of them.


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