Pension bills stalled. But that could change.

On Friday, the IEA Government Relations office reported that most of the bills that could negatively impact present or future retirees have been stalled in committee.

But like a vampire, they never seem to die.

Our old friend, former IEA president Bob Haisman, sent these tips for contacting legislators. He wrote these for his retired colleagues. But they’re good tips for everybody.

Dear Retired Buddy — We have a big job ahead of us!  We are starting with YOU!

We need to turn every retired teacher into a lobbyist — all 98,000!!  Call us a bunch of Don Quixotes but even the “All Powerful” House Speaker Michael Madigan would find it difficult to say no to 98,000 teacher lobbyists (who all vote!)

Lobbyist is not a dirty word!! Forget what you have heard!

A Lobbyist can do good!  If there goal is reasonable and they tell the truth – and they are not toting bags of cash — lobbyists can do a lot of positive things!

We want to turn YOU and Every Retired Teacher into a force for good!  We want to enlist you in the fight to save YOUR PENSION!

Today YOU WILL receive your first TWO Lessons in becoming a Pension Stalwart! A Pension Lobbyist!

Lesson One!  YOU need to know your targets!
Your two targets are your State Senator and State Representative !

Use this Link to look them up —
Legislator LookUp to get the contact information for your state representative and senator

(-send this to other teachers-)

Already Know their names? Then You have an A on the first lobbyist lesson!

To get an A+
1. look up and make a record of their snail mail addresses – Springfield and home district office mailing addresses.
2. make a record of their Springfield phone number and local district numbers!
3. Make a record of their E-mail and save it on your computer! No email listed?  Contact Haisman. He has a list!
4. Can not make the link work?  Contact Haisman for tech support — 24-7! – 708 997 1993

Lesson Two!  (On how to be a lobbyist!)  Contact your two target legislators with a message not to diminish your pension!
Phone, email or write a short letter!
Write a letter! I already have written them!  — A!

Write another letter- A++

Phone the office – B

Talk to your legislator? A++

E-mail legislator’s office — B –  (E-mails are easy but more and more being dismissed!)

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