I’m looking for a new brat supplier. Johnsonville supports Scott Walker.

For over a dozen years we have had a tradition at my school.

We do it on the last records/planning day in June. The kids are off and the teachers are doing report cards and getting ready for the end of the year.

The guys in the building (and as in a typical elementary school, there are not many guys) prepare lunch for the staff. The custodian pulls out the old Weber grills from the basement. We fire ’em up and char up about a hundred bratwurst.

Although we guys always argue about it, there is a standard traditional recipe. You cook the brats in beer and onions. We usually do that the night before, since the idea of bringing a case of beer into the school kitchen might not be looked upon with approval by somebody, somewhere.

One year we cooked them in the kitchen and a board member’s wife saw us coming out of the grocery with the case of beer. She never said anything and neither did we. But it felt a little awkward.

Then we put the beer and onion cooked brats on the hot grill, long enough to put major grill marks on them. Some we cook light. Some we char up real good. We get a few requests for hot dogs from some folks who don’t like brats. You can’t please everybody.

You can always count on some district administrators showing up. Free food, y’know.

We put out some chopped onions. Mustard. Even ketchup. Although I always object to the ketchup. I always get out-voted.

We dish up some cole slaw and potato salad that we get at the local Jewel. Some bags of chips. A few people will volunteer some cookies or cake.

It’s a fine end of the year tradition.

We need a new brat supplier.

I’m the one that get the brats. I usually go to Costco and get the party-packs of Johnsonville brats from Wisconsin.

But no more.

Johnsonville is a major supporter of Governor Scott Walker.

I’ll be damned if we’re having a teacher lunch with brats from a Scott Walker funder.

10 thoughts on “I’m looking for a new brat supplier. Johnsonville supports Scott Walker.

  1. Fred:

    I am all for a good boycott but you are going to have to include a great deal more than brats. Try Glad and Lemon Pledge. Here is the killer….Kohler!!!! I have Kohler plumbing in my house. Now that will be a painful boycott!!

  2. Hey Fred,
    Why not contact one of those fine German establishment in Lincoln Square, and inquire where they buy wholesale? You also might be able to place an order with them. The Brauhaus there on Lincoln comes to mind! They always bring out the brats to Giddings Plaza in the summer.

  3. What a great lesson you’re teaching your students! I’m from Arizona and would love to take a stand against our Governor, too. Good luck!

  4. I enjoy walking past the Johnsonville brats and buying another brand. I bought Johnsonville for years. Same thing with Sargento. There are a lot of other brands to choose from.

  5. I find teachers resistant to the education of students when compared to their lust for seniority and security in government over pay. Jesuit schools pay their faculty less than public schools and their faculty members,are much more dedicated and achieve much better results. By the way, these dedicated faculty members are non union as well. Perhaps we should pay public school faculty on a commission. If their students succeed their teachers should be rewarded. If they fail the faculty member responsible doesn’t get paid or gets fired. After all, our education system should be to teach students, not be a blameless holiday for teachers.

    1. Joe Drozda–they also get to pick their students, in public schools we take whoever comes thru the doors

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