Richie Daley gets his pension. Maybe not you.

While teachers are threatened with a loss of promised pensions by the state legislature, the outgoing mayor of Chicago is wasting no time collecting  85% of his yearly salary of $216,000.  Or $183,000 a year.

He joins 217 other retired politicians collecting over $100,000 in yearly pension payments.  The average Illinois teacher gets well under $50,000 a year from their pension. No social security.

The list of $100,000 retired political pensioners includes former Governors James Thompson and Jim Edgar, former state Senate President Emil Jones, former state Comptroller Dawn Clark Netsch and former Sen. Roland Burris, who collects a pension from his time as state comptroller.

3 thoughts on “Richie Daley gets his pension. Maybe not you.

  1. Andy Shaw was on the very informative Dick Kay radio program (Sat 1-4 PM 820 AM progressive radio WCPT) this afternoon and was talking on this subject. He said that ex State Senator Art Berman drew the largest pension, $203,000.00 of all of them.

    It seems he worked for the Bd of Ed at a salary of 90k for some years and then for the State Senate at 40 k for some time. I believe he said that Berman “backloaded” in his sick leave, vacation leave, etc to maximize that last year.

    Also that Jim Edgar now is employed with the U of I at a salary of 170k a year plus his 134k pension.

    Shaw wants to go after these big cahuna’s by changing the rules re: drawing a pension and working for another governmental agency, etc.

  2. In a recent telephone conversation with Senator Dillard, the Senator told me that Daley worked seven days a week, 12-15 hours a day, and deserved his pension. I said to Senator Dillard, “Yes, that is exactly how hard most teachers work, and that is why they deserve their pension too.” He did not respond to my retort.

  3. Wait a minute, Glen. Is that the same Senator Dillard that the IEA’s IPACE endorsed in the Republican primary for Governor? Why yes it is.

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