Retirement party season.

In a few minutes I’ll be heading over to the Snuggery in Edison Park. On the calendar, today is the last meeting of the year of the Governing Board of our Local.

It is traditional to invite all the members to a local restaurant, do a little business and then honor our retirees

It is retirement party season.

Each building will hold a party for their retirees.

The IEA Region will honor retiring union activists at a dinner later this month at Hackney’s, a local restaurant that serves good burgers and an incredible fried onion ring loaf.

Our district used to host a retirement reception. They stopped doing that. I don’t know why. They continue to host a dinner at the local (restricted, I hear) country club for employees with 25 years and retiring employees.

I did the 25 year thing and got a box with a clock in bubble wrap with a printed metal piece that had my name. The metal strip had a piece of adhesive tape on the back so I could stick it on the base of the clock.

The only folks not honoring retiring teachers this month are those in the Illinois legislature. Instead they are negotiating a bill sponsored by GOP House leader Tom Cross to gut the teacher retirement system. And Democrat Boss Mike Madigan also has his sights on TRS.

By 2013 retiring teachers may have to skip the retirement parties and go straight to hosting rent parties.

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