The SOS Washington March and the issue of collective bargaining.

It was back in late winter when I first heard about the SOS March and National Call to Action.

I was impressed by their list of Guiding Principles and their list of education activists who are endorsing it.

But I first read about the March and Call to Action at the same time I was driving Saturdays up to Madison, Wisconsin where tens of thousands of teachers and other public service workers were in a pitched battle to save their collective bargaining rights.

And there was nothing in the Guiding Principles of the Call about protecting teacher unions or collective bargaining rights.

I wrote and asked.

I received an answer about how the Guiding Principles had been formulated before Wisconsin.


The good news is that now a really strong statement of support for collective bargaining appears on their site. I couldn’t have written a better one.

It comes too late for me to take it to my Local. Our last Governing Board meeting was a week ago and we have just a few weeks left before the end of school for the summer.

Too bad.

But you don’t need Park Ridge local union endorsement to go to Washington at the end of July. Hopefully you will be joining lots of other teachers who are making the trip.

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