7 thoughts on “NEA Obama endorsement?

  1. No way teachers should be endorsing Obama at this stage. Unless he drops Arne Duncan, installs a real educator as Sec. of Ed., and dismantles his undemocratic Race To The Top program, he won’t have my money, time, or, very likely, my vote. I’ll risk voting for a write-in, an independent. or not voting at all, rather than giving me approval to Obama’s education policies, his betrayal of the poor, working, and middle classes, and his mindless continuation of The Imperial Presidency. While we all should have known better, the fact remains that he isn’t what we thought we would get when we contributed time and money to his campaign. Time to send the message back that you can’t screw your base and be a hypocrite without consequences.

  2. I understand the frustration with Obama and Duncan both of whom have been awful on education, but please don’t let that frustration allow you to ignore the reality that republicans in charge would be so much worse. Just look at Michigan with our newly minted Rick Snyder. Education funding cut despite a surplus in the designated fund so he can give a no-strings attached $1.8 billion tax cut to corporations. Obama has been a huge disappointment, no doubt, especially on education – but the alternative is unimaginably worse.

  3. Obama is not perfect but the Republicans would be a nightmare. I live in Texas and what the Republicans are doing to this state’s public school system is dreadful. Cut and chop is the mantra here. At least, Obama is not promoting financial ruin, misguided yes, but at least it is workable.

  4. Endorsing any candidate at this time is premature. We like to think education is a stand alone issue, but it is only part of the big financial tax pie. Education for ESL students, children of illegal residents, children of parents working 2 & 3 jobs to pay bills, children coming to school with worries about their families are all part of the education issue. Some of these concerns are created by the narrow interests of our 2 party system. Why would we perpetuate this narrow minded situation by declaring our support for any presidential candidate now? The best education candidate may not have yet thrown the hat in the ring. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “I love my country, but fear its government”.

  5. I left this comment after voting, and then it was taken down. Why ask to hear from people, then censor what people actually think?

    “Obama is a worse president than even that miscreant Bush Jr. His flagrant violation of the Constitutional authority of the Congress to declare war on Lybia and the War Powers Act, are only the latest in a string of vile offenses against the public trust and the integrity of his office. I know teachers who tell me they are quitting, not just because of the pay cuts and other problems, but to join the military because, “there is no future in teaching.” Really? Our young teachers see no ability for a future in our youth’s education?

    “No. The NEA must instead endorse HR 1489, to reinstate Glass-Steagall, ending the bailouts of Wall street, and protecting the state budgets that are being looted, thereby solving the funding problems for schools. We must increase revenue by initiating another New Deal, with productive jobs rebuilding and upgrading our national economic platform. And also, the NEA should demand Obama’s resignation.”

    1. You are mistaken. There are two places to comment. One is on the poll link and one is on my blog. You commented on the poll link, which was published. You mistakenly looked on the blog comments and since it wasn’t there you thought I had censored you.
      An honest mistake on your part. No harm. No foul.

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