Juneteenth in New Orleans.

We are off for a long weekend in New Orleans.

It is mid-June so it is no surprise that it is warm and steamy. But that hasn’t kept us from enjoying the city that they almost destroyed following Katrina.

It is still a struggle here. This is the charter school capital of the country. As they show on the wonderful HBO series, Treme, this is a city where disaster capitalism is run amok.

But there is still eggs and grits at Mother’s. And alligator cheesecake at Jacques Imo. And the hot Soul Project doing a jazz version of a Billy Preston song at Cafe Negril on Frenchman Street.

And tomorrow they will celebrate Juneteenth here, the day in 1865 when the end of slavery was announced in west Texas.

There will be a second line brass band heading out from the New Orleans African American Museum in the Treme neighborhood at 11AM, and we will be joining them.

3 thoughts on “Juneteenth in New Orleans.

  1. Too jealous for words. Don’t miss the Degas house. Tell my hometown hello for me,enjoy the magic of the Crescent City , the music, food, the arts , the smells & of course the people.

    I’ll be there soon. Happy Father’s Day Fred. I know your kids think you are a great Dad. So do mine! Always unpredictable Fred!

  2. We stopped by the Degas House to say hi to the ghosts of the family. No tour. Just time for a couple of photos I’ll post on Facebook.

    We missed enjoying the Big Easy with you, Nat.

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