Wall Street Journal on the NEA RA Obama endorsement.

The Obama administration does not deserve this endorsement now,” said Fred Klonsky, an elementary-school teacher from outside Chicago. “We need to vote it down and send a message that this teacher-bashing campaign has got to stop.”

Read the entire article here.

4 Replies to “Wall Street Journal on the NEA RA Obama endorsement.”

  1. DVR says, “President Obama has been a champion for education and for the right of middle-class Americans to bargain and have a voice.”

    That is an interesting way to express our disappointment with Obama and his largely punitive education policies as well as sitting on his hands while collective bargaining rights get pissed on all over the country President Van Roekel.

  2. Obama hates public school teachers just as much as any Republican. Anyone who doesn’t see that has been asleep for the past two years. I’m tired of people saying he is the lesser of two evils. He is not. Back when Bush was in the White House, only Republicans hated us and the Democrats supported us. Now that Obama has joined the anti-teacher movement, both parties are bashing us. Obama made us political orphans. Back when Bush was president, no one’s salary was tied to test scores, even though that’s what the Republicans wanted. Now that Obama is in power, merit pay is sweeping the nation. How is that the lesser of two evils?

  3. If the NEA endorsement goes through, we will be giving the message that Obama can throw us under the bus and still get our support. Then Obama and Duncan can go full speed ahead with the destruction of our profession, confident that they will have our support to the end. It baffles me that any public school teacher could support them. We need to sit this election out and give the message that we won’t support those that attack us.

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